August 11, 2020

Connecting with Compassion.

Child Life On Call - Giving all children and families access to Child Life Specialist Services and Support.

I have been keeping this surprise tucked in close to my heart and now I’m so excited to share with you this much needed brand update for #childlifeoncall. Leave it to HK Art + Design to know how to put the essence of this community into one beautiful design.

Nothing happens overnight, and Child Life On Call is no exception. #CLOC transformed from a party of one with a dream for a podcast … to a full on community of parents willing to share their stories, a team of child life specialists and students, a board of directors comprised of physicians, medical staff and professionals, one incredible artist, and one vision for the future.

This more than the launch of a new logo. This is the beginning of a world where anyone can have access to the services and support that child life specialists provide. Say goodbye to limits… because there aren’t any.

With a team of virtual child life specialists ready to work, we are equipped with the expertise, technology and compassion that it takes to reach and child and family who can benefit from psychosocial support.

If you are a professional, student, parent, caregiver of human that would like to be a part of the future of Child Life On Call, sign up here so we can keep you up to date on this #CLOC journey.

Sign up here:

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