223: [6 minutes] The Child Life On Call App is Now SupportSpot!

Podcast Show Notes

Episode Description:

In this special impromptu episode, Katie Taylor, Certified Child Life Specialist and CEO of Child Life On Call, shares some exciting news! We’re rebranding our beloved Child Life On Call app to SupportSpot.

Tune in to hear why we made this change and what it means for you and your family. Plus, get a sneak peek into the new features and benefits you can expect from SupportSpot. This is an announcement you won’t want to miss!

Show Notes:


[00:00] Introduction

  • Welcome from Katie Taylor
  • Brief overview of the exciting announcement

[00:30] Reflecting on the Journey

  • Katie’s background and passion for child life services
  • The origin of the Child Life On Call podcast and its impact

[01:00] The Big Announcement

  • Introducing the rebrand: Child Life On Call app is now SupportSpot
  • Reasons for the change:
    • Enhanced Clarity: SupportSpot better reflects the app’s purpose and broadens its appeal
    • Broader Appeal: Communicates the app as a comprehensive family support resource during medical experiences

[02:00] The Power of Prepared and Empowered Parents

  • The importance of parents knowing what to expect and how to advocate for their children
  • The impact of child life services beyond children’s hospitals

[03:00] The Evolution of Child Life On Call

  • From podcast to app: How Child Life On Call grew to SupportSpot
  • The incredible journey and feedback from parents and care teams

[04:00] Features and Benefits of SupportSpot

  • Overview of new features and improvements
  • Access to resources, child life tips, procedure guides, therapeutic activities, and more

[05:00] How to Get SupportSpot

  • Available for download on iOS and Android
  • Keeping the price low to ensure accessibility for all families
  • Encouraging parents to spread the word

[06:00] Continuing Hospital Partnerships

  • Ongoing collaboration with hospitals to ensure families have access to the app at no cost
  • The vision for future growth and impact

[06:30] Conclusion

  • Katie’s promise to parents: Empowerment and confidence in healthcare situations
  • Closing remarks and gratitude for the support

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