Episode 122 | Meditation for Kids with a Music Therapist

Podcast Show Notes

On today’s episode of the podcast, we will hear from Ryan Judd, Music Therapist and creator of Cool Koala. In this episode, Ryan places an emphasis on helping our children develop gratitude, compassion and learning how to cope with our worries. He shares how music helps children feel relaxed and how having the practice of guided meditation can carry into creating healthy habits for children as they move through the different stages of life and into adulthood. Ryan shares vital information on how to teach these practices to children in the hospital and in our everyday routines at home.

[3:30] Ryan shares how he started working with kids

[4:20] Discovering Music Therapy as a profession

[5:56] Ryan shares about his family

[6:36] Ryan’s music on the App

[7:24] Ryan shares about Cool Koala and when to do meditation 

[9:00 ]Alexa Skill integration and Cool Koala Collaboration

[10:05] How music calms the nervous system 

[11:05] Letting go of worries

[12:18] Sleep is the foundation of health

[15:00] Worry Box and Gratitude Garden 




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