Episode 125 | Katie on Child Life Wild Life

Podcast Show Notes

This week’s episode is a throwback from Katie’s June 2021 interview with Child Life Wild Life host, Jessica Lewin, who was also recently a guest on Child Life On Call. In this episode, you will learn about how Katie’s experiences as a child life specialist and a new mother influenced each other in the most positive ways. From sharing her ‘why’ about podcasting, to preparing her own children for medical procedures and balancing her career and motherhood, you will get to know the heart of our host, Katie Taylor.

[5:20] Intro about Katie and her family

[9:30] Going back to work after having her baby

[11:10] How motherhood transformed her career

[12:00] Podcast inspiration

[14:32] Supporting parents in the NICU

[18:08] Challenges while working pregnant in the field

[19:50] Best part of being a mom and child life specialist

[21:02] Dental appointment preparation

[22:30] Torticollis diagnosis

[24:36] Importance of relationship building with parents

[28:05] Postpartum anxiety struggles

[30:45] Tips for CCLS Students

[32:07] Starting her own business

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