Episode 132 | Tanisha’s Story- A son with LUTO (lower urinary tract obstruction)

Podcast Show Notes

Tanisha tells a story of strength and perseverance as her son Jaleel was born with a lower urinary tract obstruction. This story highlights the powerful ways Tanisha and her husband, Quentin work together as a team for Jaleel and their family. From her experiences in the NICU and beyond, Tanisha created a community to support NICU Medical Moms. 

[3:52] The journey to motherhood for Tanisha 

[6:13] Learning that Jaleel had a lower urinary tract obstruction at her 20 week anatomy scan

[9:30] How Tanisha’s husband helped her feel included in Jaleel’s care

[14:16] Healing is on-going for Tanisha and her family

[18:39] She describes how she had the urge to walk one evening and the next morning learned she was in labor

[20:35] Jaleel was born and was immediately rushed to the NICU for respiratory issues

[22:57] Tanisha explains the emotional reunion in the NICU

[24:51] Her husband advocated for Tanisha become involved in Jaleel’s care to connect with him

[26:49] Tanisha shares how she went into learning mode to not be stressed

[28:42] Child Life specialists put up pictures of Jaleel’s progress in the NICU and decorated his room the theme of his nursery

[31:33] Getting a G-Tube was key to getting Jaleel ready for transplant

[33:30] Moral support from Mom to Mom was key for Tanisha

[37:43] Tanisha shares how she was enrolled in her Master’s Degree program and how she was supported by faculty

[42:00] Tanisha shares how she feels she is getting to live her dream in a new way

[45:24] How Child Life Specialists shaped Jaleel’s interest in music

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