Episode 133 | Expert: A Hard of Hearing Child Becomes an Audiologist

Podcast Show Notes

“I really feel like I’m paying forward with everything that I lived and everything I’ve experienced as a professional. My program is my heart in a basket for them.”- Dr. Michelle Hu, Audiologist

Dr. Michelle Hu shares how she was diagnosed as hard of hearing as a young child and what lead her to become an audiologist. This episode is packed full of wisdom for parents and clinicians alike. From her perspective, she shares some meaningful tips to help you and your child cope with a diagnosis. 

[3:12] Michelle’s teacher encourages her mom to get her hearing checked

[3:49] Getting hearing aids after a mild hearing loss diagnosis

[4:44] The hurricane feeling her parents felt after receiving her diagnosis

[5;26] Struggling with the news of hearing loss

[6:14] Seeking second opinions after struggling with the diagnosis

[7:00] How Michelle’s parents processed her diagnosis

[9:15] The inspiration behind creating a community for parents

[10:18] Through the community she has created, she feels like she is paying it forward 

[13:00] Creating tools to helped newly diagnosed families 

[16:00] Katie+ Michelle discuss how parenting is full circle

[17:33] How Michelle decided to be an Audiologist

[20:10] Providing the cliff notes to help each other and win is the goal




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