Episode 142 | Swapnil’s Story – A daughter with severe food allergies

Podcast Show Notes

Swapnil, father of two, shares on this episode of the podcast about his daughter, Anya, who has severe food allergies.  Swapnil shares about Anya’s first symptoms of a food allergy and the event that revealed the severity of her allergies. Whether you are a parent or Clinician, you will gain so much understanding and knowledge about food allergies by listening to Swapnil’s story.

[2:10] Value of resources along the journey

[4:00] Introducing the family

[4:56] Eczema struggles at 6 months old

[5:30] Anya had a anaphylactic reaction to cashew butter

[6:44] Awareness is arising about food allergies

[7:46] Preparation for Anya to go to school

[9:07] Testing from a local allergist

[10:20] Keeping a variety of foods in her diet

[11:30] Keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of food and reactions

[14:50] How manufacturing changes created an issue

[16:00] How mitigating the risk is a form self care

[17:23] Sub-lingual Immunotherapy treatment (SLIT)

[19:00] Finding a team of allergists for Anya

[21:30]  The differences in a school settings and away from home

[25:13] Swapnil wrote a book to help Anya cope

[26:10] How the Allergy Community online was extremely helpful

[28:22] Practical ways to remember to take the Epi pen

[31:08] Using the epi-pen is never easy

[32:00] Sharing about Anya’s character

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Recommended Resource

Book by Swapnil Patel


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