Episode 143 | Emily’s Story – Staying Organized as a Medical Parent

Podcast Show Notes

On today’s episode of the podcast, Emily Lemke shares how to stay organized as a medical parent. Emily’s expertise comes from being a medical parent herself and a clinical social worker. She shares about her own journey navigating the world of being a medical parent and the passion behind creating The Medical Mama Compass. You will learn how to manage everything that comes with this title without becoming overwhelmed.

[1:52] Introducing her family

[2:38] Nora’s premature birth and 97 day NICU stay

[4:26] Coming home from the NICU with a G-Tube

[5:48] Finding a feeding tube solution for Nora

[7:15] Feelings surrounding taking your medically complex baby home from the hospital

[8:40] Solution focused mindset

[11:10] How to help manage the new equipment

[12:20] Learning all about health insurance

[16:00] The Medical Mama compass uses (A first time discharge MUST have!)

[16:37] Document everything, even for insurance. it is a practical way to advocate

[17:58] Keep track of your child’s progress no matter how small

[19:06] Ask questions to gain understanding

[20:08] Keep a big picture view as much as possible

[21:01] Taking care of yourself

[24:00] In order to cope you have to think about it

[26:37] What Nora has taught Emily

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