Episode 160 | Jodi’s Story – HELLP Syndrome and a Premature Birth

Podcast Show Notes

Katie has a co-host, Serheen Noor Ali from Hello Sleuth on today’s episode where we hear Jodi’s story of developing HELLP Syndrome and having a premature birth. Jodi walks us through her birth story along with those first moments meeting her daughter. She speaks to the joy we find in the unexpected and will leave you inspired to embrace where you are today. You will get to know Jodi’s heart behind the creation of Fllrish.

[5:40] Full circle of relationships

[6:07] The crash course of becoming a medical parent

[7:14] Special needs mother’s quitting the workforce

[9:30] Thinking ahead about Kindergarten

[10:27] Jodi’s husband went on his last business trip

[11:21] HELLP Syndrome diagnosis

[12:45] The calm reassurance from her provider

[13:42] The birth plan

[14:50] The onset of symptoms of HELLP

[17:11] Not seeing her daughter for 2 days as she needed to recover

[18:16] The meaning behind Jenna’s middle name

[20:44] Telling her doctor their was a problem

[24:00] How life and death is transformative

[26:32] Husbands and fathers getting more credit

[28:29] Beginning to process what happened allowed Jodi to have maternal feelings

[31:03] Their own growth trajectory

[34:12] Deeper joy to be found in the journey

[36:29] Putting one front of the other and checking your feelings

[39:20] Not coming home with your child is difficult

[40:37] The creation of Fllrish

[42:25] De-stigmatizing learning differences

44:32 Resources for parents

Connect with Jodi



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