Episode 166 | Lo’s Story – Milk Making, Breastfeeding and Lactation Support in the Hospital Setting

Podcast Show Notes

On today’s episode of the podcast, Katie interviews Lo Nigorish, certified IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Host of The Milk Making Minutes Podcast. Whether your journey consisted of breastfeeding or not she shares how lactation consultants can assist with feeding the NICU and beyond. Lo shares her heart and mission behind supporting families. You will not want to miss this episode.

[4:21] Introductions

[6:05] Parents are experts

[7:04] Perceptions of what a lactation specialist is and does

[8:38] Listening is so important

[10:45] Helping families feel heard and supported

[13:00] Focusing on what you can do in those moments

[14:12] Bottle feeding support

[17:20] It’s ok to say no

[18:50]  The evolution of breast feeding

[20:47] Congenital Heart Defect Mama’s breast feeding journey

[22:32] Support is key

[23:09] Reframing your mind and not comparing your journey during

[24:00] How Chelsea’s Story inspired Lo to connect with Child Life Specialists

[25:00 ] Assessing needs as a clinician prior to seeing the parent

[26:00] Creating an inclusive community

[28:00] Judgement free support zone


Connect with Lo


Quabbin Birth Services

The Milk MakIng Minutes Podcast

Link to Show

Letting go of Breastfeeding Comparisons’  episode with Chelsea Bea

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