Shani’s Story – An interview with Child Life Mommy

Podcast Show Notes

In honor of March and the fact that is Child Life Month, this episode features Shani Thornton from Child Life Mommy.

Shani shares her entrance into the child life field and how she chose to move forward in the field as a community-based child life specialist.

Along with being the author of the children’s book “It’s time for your check up: What to expect when you’re going in for a doctor’s visit,” Shani is a big voice in the child life world as she has her own blog and shares valuable resources for parents and child life specialists on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In today’s episode, you will hear her talk about her child life career, current private practice, and how she’s involved with the ACLP and community-based programs. Shani talks about her current role with the Standish Foundation, and my favorite part of the episode is when she gets real about finding the balance in her roles as “mom” and child life specialist.


Check out this episode!

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