Tiger Livy’s Story – An interview with Erin Garcia and Betsy Miller

Podcast Show Notes

This episode of the Child Life On Call podcast is different that what you’re used to hearing, but I fell in LOVE with a book called Tiger Livy and I knew I had to interview the authors.

Tiger Livy is the story of a brave six-year-old who inspires empathy, patience, and grit in young readers. It was created for children living with chronic illness but is a great read for any child, even if they’re not sick.

Co-Authors, Betsy Miller, who experienced her own limitations as a child and Erin Garcia, who grew up with a brother who required multiple hospitalizations, authored the book and in our conversation they give great insight into how friends and family members can support families facing challenges.

You can find the book here and see Betsy Miller’s other published books here. Follow along with the Tiger Livy Project on Instagram and Facebook.

Information on Juvenile Myositis can be found at www.curejm.org

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