Three Strike Response for Virtual School Overload

We were thrown into this world of virtual school without much … or any .. preparation on how to handle responses from our children. Adding “teacher” to the already long list of roles parents play can be stressful for caregivers as well as our children.

No longer are we able to ONLY be the “safe space” for our children after school and doing homework, but we are now alongside them, guiding them through a new world… a world with expectations and many sacrifices.

While every family and response should be individually assessed, here is a “Three Strike” game plan to help you navigate responses to your children when they say, “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Please comment and tell me how you’re responding to your children and if you think this method, or another, would work well for your virtual learners.

Watch my IGTV and get more information about how to use this technique here.

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