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Child Life On Call Complements Your Hard Work with Essential Psychosocial Resources

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The Child Life On Call App

Every family deserves access to child life services.

“Child life services should be delivered as part of an integrated patient- and family-centered model of care and included as a quality indicator in the delivery of services for children and families in health care settings.”

American Academy of Pediatrics Statement on Child Life (2021)

With increasingly limited resources and already over-extended staff, providing quality care for every patient is hard enough. Thankfully, empowering the patient journey with psychosocial and emotional supports doesn’t have to be.

Every family deserves access to child life services. Every provider, too.

That’s why we built Child Life On Call.

Extend Your Support Team

Introducing the Child Life On Call App:

Ensures that every family member has proper preparation, support and advocacy skills for every procedure

Connects parents to other parents who share lived experiences on the Child Life On Call podcast.

Closes the gap in access to psychosocial and community resources on their phones, regardless of when they are seen by your practice.

 Child Life On Call is packed with resources that complement your medical care, making emotional support accessible and effective.

Support that goes beyond the visit.

With features for children, parents, and health heroes, Child Life On Call empowers users from pre-admission to post-discharge.

For Parents

For Kids

For Your Care Team

✓ Self-care tools to help manage stress

✓ Glossary of basic medical terms, written in easy-to-understand language

✓ 50+ descriptions of procedures, complete with photos, insights and suggestions to help them advocate for their child

✓ Printables and downloads for 100+ health and child related topics, easily searchable by keyword

✓ Pictures of medical spaces and descriptions of care team members to offer enhanced understanding and improved health literacy

✓ Personal journal with prompts to help guide the conversation with the care team

Self-regulation tools, including soothing sounds and guided breathing

Glossary of basic medical terms, written in child-friendly language

50+ descriptions of procedures, complete with photos

Sibling specific resources Pictures of the facility and care team

Customizable and shareable coping plans

A virtual playroom with games to help pass the time and provide distraction during procedures

✓ Immediate access to share resources, procedures, and other coping tools with families

✓ Ability for care team to add their own resources, terms, and procedures

✓ When you contract with Child Life On Call, families get free access before, during and after their visit

A quality tool from a highly qualified team.

CEO and Founder Katie Taylor is a certified child life specialist with 13+ years of experience. She has helped hundreds of families cope with and navigate challenging life events, and brings that same expertise and compassion to the Child Life On Call app. 

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jim Donovan is a health care executive with over 40 years experience in the field. He knows that patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes, and understands the challenges current administrators are facing.

What They’re Saying

“Parents need this. Kids need this. I need this.”

Carla Laos, MD, PEM

Medical Director, Pediatrix Medical Group 

Bring Child Life On Call to Your Practice.

Here’s how:

1. Sign up

You’re ready to provide holistic care to your patients and families through Child Life On Call. Sign up and we’ll get your entire practice and families access to the app in less than 48 hours.

2. Integrate

Through a self-paced, virtual onboarding, we’ll help your practice manager and health heroes successfully share it with your patients and families.

3. Empower

Rest assured that each family now has access to psychosocial tools and resources that enable families to take an active role in their child’s emotional well-being.

I showed my patient’s mother the hospital pictures, the diagnosis book lists, the parent podcasts, and some other features. She said “I have been researching Google endlessly for resources and this app has everything I could ever dream of and more!”

Jordan Mahoney, CCLS

Inova Children’s Hospital

Common Questions

Does the app store health information?

Child Life On Call is HIPAA compliant. We do not store patient information.

Does this app replace the need for Child Life Specialists?

Nothing replaces a child life specialist at the bedside. Child Life On Call acts as an extension of the child life specialist by giving parents access to on demand resources where where a child life services aren’t available. True transformation comes when children and families have access to both a CCLS and the app. 

Who is in charge of the content in the app?

All materials inside the app are developed by a team of experienced child life specialists. Procedures and definitions are reviewed periodically by our content review team, which includes pediatric multi-disciplinary team members. Additionally, all facilities can hand pick specific procedures and upload their own materials to the app.

How much does the app cost?

The cost of the app varies based on your facility size and specific needs. Scheduling a demo so we can develop your customized quote.

The app is free for the patients and families you serve.

How do I bring Child Life On Call to my facility?

Schedule a demo with our team today to see Child Life On Call in action and discuss your partnership.

Can we upload our own resources and procedures to the app?

Absolutely! Uploading your own materials only takes a few taps on your phone.

Is this going to make more work for my staff?

Child Life On Call consolidates resources and streamlines routine tasks so your health heroes can spend more time doing what matters—connecting with and deepening relationships with patients and their families. Our app empowers all staff members to better support children and families facing a medical diagnosis or procedures.

“The CLOC app provided the reassurance parents needed to advocate for their son with unique needs. Working with a patient on the Autism Spectrum often times requires unique care tailored to the individual as not any two people are the same. The coping plan allowed this patient’s needs to be met in a way that keeps both him and staff safe while ensuring all his sensory needs are communicated and accessible to anyone who is providing care.”

Daquan Stephenson, CCLS II, Inova Children’s Hospital

Comfort positions

Download the Comfort Positioning Guide



Being close to a trusted adult is powerful. It lessens pain and brings comfort when kids need it most. This guide shows you how to keep kids safe, and help them feel supported, during medical procedures. From the Meg Foundation for Pain and Child Life On Call.

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Want to try the Circle FREE for 7 days?


Try out the circle for 7 days when you sign up during Child Life Month! We can't wait to see you join our conversations, earn PDUs, and get other free resources!

Here's the link to Join The Circle

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