Helping kids and parents through life’s most challenging events.

At Child Life On Call, we provide tools and resources to help you navigate the stress and uncertainty of a medical diagnosis or procedure.

Children don’t come with an instruction manual.

Even if you read all the books about what to expect when you’re, well, you know, none of them prepared you for what to do when your child needs medical attention.

That’s why we’re here.

At Child Life On Call, we provide resources to help you and your child cope with any illness, diagnosis, or medical procedure.

Resources like our parent starter kit.

When you download our starter kit, you’ll learn how to:

  • Give medicine to your child without it becoming a wrestling match
  • Prepare your child (and yourself) for a shot so they can feel less anxious
  • Create and use a coping plan for any medical appointment or procedure

The first sign of sniffles, or worse, shouldn’t send you into a tailspin. Feel confident in your role as parent and advocate, no matter what medical situation you’re facing.

We’ll show you how.

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Empower Your Child’s Coping: The Essential Pre-Appointment Form That Makes a Difference

We believe in the power of proactive preparation for your child’s doctor’s appointments. That’s why we’ve created a unique and impactful form that allows you to make a real difference in your child’s coping strategies. Say goodbye to generic surveys and say hello to the one form you fill out before the doctor’s appointment that genuinely impacts your child’s experience.

Here’s why it matters:

  • Personalized Impact: This isn’t just another generic survey. The insights you share on this essential form will directly shape how your child copes during their medical journey.
  • Simplified Process: We understand the demands on your time, so we’ve made the form concise and user-friendly, ensuring it takes just a few minutes to complete.
  • Meaningful Results: By investing your insights, you empower the care team with a comprehensive understanding of your child’s needs, allowing them to provide targeted support and comfort.
  • Lasting Influence: Your input influences the care plan, making your child’s upcoming appointment a more positive and successful experience.

Get ready to see firsthand how one form can truly transform your child’s coping strategies. You know your child best.



“Someone You Love is Having Surgery” E-Book Template

This is a customizable e-book template for YOU to customize for the children in your family. Developed by a Certified Child Life Specialist, Katie Taylor, this template will help you prepare your child for when a loved one is having surgery. This will work well for:
  • Children whose parent is having surgery
  • Children whose sibling is having surgery
  • Children whose grandparents are having surgery
  • Children whose teacher is having surgery


Through this template, you will be guided by Katie to craft a unique book that will transform your child from worried about the surgery to feeling empowered and in control.

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You don’t have to figure this out on your own.

All of our resources are designed to support you, so you can better support your child.



Connect to a community of parents who understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.


Print & Share

Access our free library of resources created by a child life specialist, so you can better advocate for your child.



Approach every medical situation with calm and confidence. Our blog gives you timely advice and assurance from experts.

Virtual Visits

Receive personalized care for you and your child when you schedule a 1:1 virtual session with a certified child life specialist.

Katie Taylor, CEO and Founder of Child Life On
Call and
Certified Child Life Specialist.

Hi there! I’m Katie.

I’ve spent the last 12 years as a child life specialist, using my expertise in child development to help kids and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury, and treatment. From using play to demonstrate procedures, to teaching coping strategies, to supporting parents and educating them on everything happening to their child, I know first hand how critical it is for children and families to have the support they need.

I’m also a mom. I know how fiercely we love our children, and how terrifying it is when they get sick. Even “routine procedures” like ear tubes or tonsillectomies don’t feel routine when it’s your little one on the table. And when there’s no one there to walk you through it or stand by your side? It’s paralyzing.

I created Child Life On Call as a way to support parents and kids during life’s most challenging events.

You deserve to feel confident, assured, and empowered to advocate for your child’s needs.

And with our tools and resources, now you can.

Partnering with facilities to bring you the Child Life On Call App

Putting tools and resources in the palm of your hand.

With the Child Life On Call app you’ll be able to:


Understand medical terms and procedures


Prepare your child (and yourself) for appointments and surgeries


Offer comfort and use age-appropriate coping strategies with your child


Feel empowered to ask questions and advocate for your child


Be seen, heard, and understood by your child’s care team


Feel less stressed and overwhelmed, and feel more certain making decisions for your child

Parents get this app for FREE through partner facilities.

Resources at your fingertips.

Explore 10 free downloads on a variety of child and health related topics.

Book and Resource List: Childhood Cancer

Therapeutic Activity: Feelings Uno!

Financial Assistance For Illness-Related Expenses

Book and Resource List: Autism

Book and Resource List: Type 1 Diabetes

Therapeutic Activity: Write A Letter

Therapeutic Activity: Bucket List

Procedure Support: Coping Plan

Book and Resource List: Cancer Siblings

Therapeutic Activity: Worry Boxes

Education and assurance from an expert.

Access trusted advice on timely topics from certified child life specialists.

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Being close to a trusted adult is powerful. It lessens pain and brings comfort when kids need it most. This guide shows you how to keep kids safe, and help them feel supported, during medical procedures. From the Meg Foundation for Pain and Child Life On Call.

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