Become a caregiver who feels capable and confident with kids and families during every interaction.

Unlock your wholehearted potential to provide more personalized care with a digital toolkit that helps you infuse playfulness and joy into every interaction.

Digital Course for Caregivers

Leave your shift feeling like you’ve got the best job in the world… because you do.

You know that when patients and their parents have access to a caregiver who understands them, they are more engaged, more prepared, and more likely to have an improved experience.

But, you didn’t get the classes on child development, and you’re already overextended with your workload. Without specific training on how to connect with kids and help parents feel engaged, it’s impossible for you to leave each interaction with confidence. 

Until now.

By the end of the course, transform into a child- and family-whisperer.

Through our digital course…


Understand basic child development and the medical stressors associated with each phase of growth

Learn how to collaborate with parents to make your job easier and save time

Know the evidenced-based ways caregivers and their patients build long-lasting, positive relationships

So you can offer the highest quality of care and feel appreciated in return.

Want to learn the best ways for parents to work as partners with you?

Share this resource with them.

✓ Learn how each developmental level thrives in the hospital

✓ Provide parents with ways to interact with their child

✓ Enhance your connection with patients and families

✓Understand hospital stressors at each age group

A quality tool from a highly qualified team.

CEO and Founder Katie Taylor is a certified child life specialist with 12+ years experience. She has helped hundreds of families cope with and navigate challenging life events, and brings that same expertise and compassion to the Child Life On Call app. 

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jim Donovan is a health care executive with over 40 years experience in the field. He knows that patient engagement is the key to achieving better outcomes, and understands the challenges current administrators are facing.

What They’re Saying

My favorite part of the course was how Katie broke everything down and ways to apply learning by their developmental age.


BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

The downloads were great and the tools are something I’ll start using today!

RN, MSN, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals

Comfort positions

Download the Comfort Positioning Guide



Being close to a trusted adult is powerful. It lessens pain and brings comfort when kids need it most. This guide shows you how to keep kids safe, and help them feel supported, during medical procedures. From the Meg Foundation for Pain and Child Life On Call.

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