Find your Child Life People.

And earn crazy-affordable PDUs along the way.

Child Life Circle Community is an online community that has helped over 80 CCLS earn PDUs, network, start conducting research, and share resources.

Unlike other options, we want to focus on your personal development as well as your professional development.

Stop going through this alone.

Join a community that wants to nurture you professionally and as an individual.

Quiz: Is Child Life Circle Community right for you?

Have you ever wanted an online space that was easy to navigate that connected you with other CCLS?

Want to meet other certified child life specialists to ask questions and share ideas?

We want to meet you, too.

Have you felt unmotivated and priced out of other online PDU opportunities?

Want to earn up to 2 PDUs per month and learn from organizations and programs that support children’s healthcare?

Live & recorded webinars each month.

Do you want to focus on your personal growth while maintaining longevity in the field?

Want to join in on clinical supervision groups and learn self-care tactics to keep your life and career balanced?

We want to support your growth.

It’s an awesome resource! The PDUs alone make it worth it and its so great to see the active community.

Adina Levitan

CCLS, 5 Years

I left the hospital setting 6 months ago and I am so thankful that Child Life Circle was created. In many ways this has become my own child life team. It is a space to connect, collaborate, and learn with and from one another. Child Life Circle has made my transition to the community based setting a smoother one with a feeling of support through every step along the way.

Jessica Correnti


The webinars are always great and very insightful even as an experienced CCLS with years of experience working with several different outpatient and inpatient medical specialties.


You deserve to have a nurturing community to support your growth.

Child Life Circle:

Opens the door to meeting other child life specialists so that we can share ideas and resources
Gives members at least 2 PDUs per month through live and recorded webinars
Will be a safe place to discuss opportunities and challenges productively to move the child life profession forward
So that you can offer the highest quality of care with a safety net of people who want you to succeed.

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