Child Life Specialists: We want to support you as well as you support patients and families.


It‘s more than just an app.

The app may be a child life team’s favorite tool, but our services are more than just technology.

Child Life Circle

Don’t child life alone.

An online community for CCLS who get access to 2 PDUs a month, virtual clinical supervision and so much more.

Child Life on Call


220+ Episodes

Listen to the parent perspective of healthcare & give parents a resource to help them feel less isolated.

Data-driven Insights to Bring To Your Next Meeting with Hospital Leadership



By investing in child life specialists, hospitals can improve both patient outcomes and their bottom line.

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The Child Life On Call App

Every family deserves access to a child life specialist.

But you’re only one person, and you’re not on call 24/7.

And when you are at work? You’re running yourself ragged, juggling patient care, administrative tasks, meetings, and more.

All in limited time, with limited resources, and a limited budget. 
If only there was a way to support all the children and families who walk through your facility’s doors.

Finally the help you need is here—and it fits in the palm of your hand.

The Child Life On Call App:


Streamlines your routine tasks so you can spend more time face-to-face with children and their parents
Turns patients, families, and staff into a dynamic team by connecting them to shared resources and a shared vocabulary
Closes the gap in access to child life services by connecting patients to education and support resources on their phones, regardless of when they are admitted
So you can focus on what you do best—helping kids and families.

Support that goes beyond the bedside.

With features for children, parents, and health heroes, Child Life On Call empowers users from pre-admission to post-discharge.

For Parents

For Kids

For Child Life Specialists and Health Heroes

✓ Self-care tools to help manage stress

✓ Glossary of basic medical terms, written in easy-to-understand language

✓ 50+ descriptions of procedures, complete with photos, insights and suggestions to help them advocate for their child

✓ Printables and downloads for 100+ health and child related topics, easily searchable by keyword

✓ Pictures of the facility and care team

✓ Personal journal with prompts to help guide the conversation with the care team

✓ Self-regulation tools, including soothing sounds and guided breathing

✓ Glossary of basic medical terms, written in child-friendly language

✓ 50+ descriptions of procedures, complete with photos

✓ Sibling specific resources Pictures of the facility and care team

✓ Customizable and shareable coping plans

✓ A virtual playroom with games to help pass the time and provide distraction during procedures

✓ Access to all parent and child features

✓ Ability for child life specialists to add their own resources, terms, and procedures

✓ Access to Child Life On Call’s PDU (Professional Development Units) at 50% off (an average of $5 per PDU)

✓ When you contract with Child Life On Call, families get free access even after discharge.

Katie Taylor, CEO and Founder of Child Life On
Call and
Certified Child Life Specialist.

Created for Child Life Specialists-by Child Life Specialists.

I’m no stranger to the stresses of your job.

  • How you feel pulled in a million directions, all of them away from your patients
  • How you lack time and resources to do your work well
  • How guilt creeps in when you think of all the patients you aren’t able to see or help

I know, because I’ve been there.

In my 12 years as a child life specialist I found myself wishing for something, anything, to help alleviate these tensions.

And when I couldn’t find it, I decided to create it.

It is possible to support more families with a high level of care, within the confines of your shift, without sacrificing your own well-being.

Let me show you how, with the Child Life On Call app.

What They’re Saying

“Child Life On Call gives me more resources in a shared space, and provides help to patients when child life services aren’t available.”

Sam Krawiec, CCLS

Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital

Making it easier to do your job well.

The Child Life On Call App is:


Our robust library of evidence-based, trauma-informed resources boasts over 50 procedures, an extensive glossary, and 100+ handouts on a variety of health and child-related topics.

3 screen shots of the supportspot app, with a description of a blood draw procedure


Every facility is unique, so your experience with our app should be too. With Child Life On Call, you can add your own site-specific materials, plus pictures of your facility and staff, all with a few taps of your screen.


Child Life On Call puts everything you need in the palm of your hand. Instead of rushing off to make extra copies, or darting out to grab your folder of printables, you can share resources with patients and families directly through the app, without leaving their side.


We are HIPAA-compliant, and we don’t store health information. Plus the app gives everyone in your facility a shared language, which helps them better meet the Joint Commission’s requirements for providing mandated developmental considerations of care.


All content is created and verified by a group of child life specialists, and our work is overseen by a highly credentialed board of advisors.

“The CLOC app provided the reassurance parents needed to advocate for their son with unique needs. Working with a patient on the Autism Spectrum often times requires unique care tailored to the individual as not any two people are the same. The coping plan allowed this patient’s needs to be met in a way that keeps both him and staff safe while ensuring all his sensory needs are communicated and accessible to anyone who is providing care.”

– Daquan Stephenson, CCLS II, Inova Children’s Hospital


Bring Child Life On Call to Your Facility.

Here’s how:

1. Download the Brochure
Share all the benefits of Child Life On Call with your supervisor or facility decision-maker. Print or forward a copy of our pdf here.
2. Schedule a Demo
Ask your supervisor or facility decision- maker to book with us, so we can show your entire team all the ways Child Life On Call can improve patient care, while saving time and money.
3. Serve More Families Well
End each shift feeling confident you maximized your time with patients and left them with the on-demand resources they need to cope with their diagnosis or procedure.

Common Questions

Does the app store health information?
Child Life On Call is HIPAA compliant. We do not store patient information.
Does this app replace the need for Child Life Specialists?
Nothing replaces a child life specialist at the bedside. Child Life On Call acts as an extension of the child life specialist by giving parents access to on demand resources where where a child life services aren’t available. True transformation comes when children and families have access to both a CCLS and the app.
Who is in charge of the content in the app?
All materials inside the app are developed by a team of experienced child life specialists. Procedures and definitions are reviewed periodically by our content review team, which includes pediatric multi-disciplinary team members. Additionally, all facilities can hand pick specific procedures and upload their own materials to the app.
How do I bring Child Life On Call to my facility?
Download our brochure and share it with your supervisor. Let them know why you think our app would be an asset, and ask them to set up a demo with our team.
Can I add my own resources and procedures to the app?
Absolutely! Uploading your own materials only takes a few taps on your phone.
Is this going to make more work for me or my colleagues?

Not at all! Child Life On Call consolidates resources and streamlines routine tasks so you can spend more time doing what matters—connecting with and deepening your relationship with patients and their families. Our app empowers all staff members to better support children and families facing a medical diagnosis or procedure.

“Child Life On Call provides immediate resources for families, easy rapport building through the playroom, and the ability to airdrop coping plans.”

-Certified Child Life Specialist

Earn PDU’s from your phone.

Improve your quality of care and maintain your certification with Child Life On Call continuing education courses.

Our virtual courses can be purchased individually or in bundles, and cover intervention, assessment, ethics, and professional responsibility.

Plus, get 50% off your course costs when your facility contracts to use the Child Life On Call app.

Comfort positions

Download the Comfort Positioning Guide



Being close to a trusted adult is powerful. It lessens pain and brings comfort when kids need it most. This guide shows you how to keep kids safe, and help them feel supported, during medical procedures. From the Meg Foundation for Pain and Child Life On Call.

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