Episode 124 | Laura’s Story Part 2: A son with Congenital Leukemia

Podcast Show Notes

In this episode, we will hear from Laura about navigating hospital life and finding the balance between caring for her family and taking care of herself. She focuses on the importance of self care and how it has made her be the best version of herself. Laura shares how life after the hospital doesn’t have this glamorous feeling but is another marathon in itself. In this episode, she speaks on the positive takeaways from this journey. This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom that you will not want to miss! If you are in the middle of a long hospital stay, this episode will speak to your heart. 

[3:54] Leaving Trey for the night

[5:56] Daily Routines

[7:40] Making time special with the big kids

[12:07] Touching interaction with CT Tech

[17:47] How our children heal us and we strengthen bonds 

[18:50] Dividing and Conquering responsibilities

[19:57]  Trey’s homecoming

[22:00] Feeling of being alone

[24:49] Trey’s strong emotional intelligence

[28:29] Laura shares how motherhood is a privilege

[33:00] Taking care of you

[35:40] The daily high 5

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