Episode 129 | How to Explain Covid-19 to Kids [2nd MOST DOWNLOADS]

Podcast Show Notes

This episode originally aired in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. This topic is so important and rightfully so, it is our 2nd most downloaded episode of all time. When it comes to COVID-19, how we inform our children is incredibly important. If you’re wondering how we can talk to our kids about COVID-19 when we as adults still don’t know exactly what’s happening, you’re not alone. This episode covers suggestions for age-appropriate language to use as well as general considerations to keep in mind as you talk to your children about COVID-19. Children are looking to adults for honest, easy-to-digest information. Give a listen to learn how to break it down into a way that they can understand.

[3:20] Katie explains that children and adolescents crave a strong compassionate leader who establishes boundaries

[6:00] It’s important to remind children that a lot of the information they hear may not be factual

[8:53] Katie explains to empower your children by validating what they are already doing 

[9:19] She shares how hand-washing is an easy practical way fuel empowerment when discussing COVID-19

[10:10] It is ok to admit that there are unknowns about COVID-19 and acknowledging that we don’t know the answers and that is ok

[11:06] Katie shares the importance of setting a good example.You want to model behavior that your children will follow

[12:00] Offer to have a check in with your child if they are feeling worried

[12:22] Katie’s key to success is to be a strong and compassionate leader and exhibit the behavior you want your child to have. Be a buffer!

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