Episode 141 | Hannah’s Story – Kids with Febrile Seizures

Podcast Show Notes

Hannah bravely shares how her two young daughters developed febrile seizures. Although febrile seizures are common, it is something that isn’t talked about enough, Hannah will shed some light for families walking through this diagnosis and provide you with ways to navigate the practicality and emotions that come along with it.

[2:47] Hannah introduces her family

[4:45] Sharing symptoms and instincts

[6:08] Finding her daughter, Hadley, unresponsive in her crib

[8:16] Hand foot and mouth was the initial culprit of the fever

[10:52] Discharge instructions after having a febrile seizure

[11:43] How prayer and a supportive husband gave Hannah the ability to cope

[12:45] Hannah shares about her second daughter, Madison

[14:40] Madison has her first febrile seizure

[16:39] The after effects of a febrile seizure

[19:09] Madison’s second seizure

[20:58] Hannah shares how the week prior she had a CPR and First Aid refresher course

[23:27] Madison showed no symptoms but ended up having a UTI, ear infection and pharyngitis

[27:04] Madison’s third seizure

[30:28] Back to back seizures

[32:16] Hannah shares the instructions from the dispatcher

[33:29] Bloodwork to diagnose Madison

[34:45] Hannah explains how reoccurring febrile seizures can result in a seizure disorder

[37:40] Connecting with a friend whose son has had febrile seizures

[38:33] Tips for prevention

[40:12] After effects of febrile seizures

[41:07] Being sensitive to illness

[44:24] Talking about motherly instinct

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