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    Episode 200: Insights, Personal Stories, and Reflections

    Podcast Show Notes

    What to expect in this episode:

    In our special 200th episode of the Child Life On Call podcast, we take you on a journey filled with personal insights, touching stories, and thoughtful reflections. Katie, our dedicated host and founder, answers questions from our Instagram community, offering her perspectives on various child life topics.

    A poignant part of the episode is Katie’s narration of her daughter Cameron’s burn accident. This story highlights the challenges and emotional aspects of parenting a child through a medical crisis, emphasizing the importance of support and understanding in such situations.

    Toys that I recommend in this podcast:

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    Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow (At Wal-Mart Only)

    Katie also shares her thoughts on balancing professional responsibilities with personal life, offering valuable insights for child life specialists and parents alike. Additionally, she discusses her favorite books and toys of 2023, showcasing how these resources can be instrumental in child life practice.

    This episode is not just a celebration of reaching a significant milestone but also a testament to the power of shared experiences and the strength of our community. Tune in to hear Katie’s heartfelt reflections and valuable advice as we continue our journey together in supporting families through healthcare experiences.

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