Episode 127: Courtney’s Story – A daughter born at 25 weeks

Podcast Show Notes

Episode 127 | Courtney’s Story – A daughter born at 25 weeks [MOST DOWNLOADED]

At just 25 weeks pregnant, Courtney was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and was hospitalized. Just 5 days later and after a terrifying emergent c-section, she would meet her daughter, McKenzie. In this episode, Courtney talks about her entire experience from her own hospitalization and her daughter’s 5-month stay in the NICU and eventually going home. She talks about the balance of being a single, working mom and the struggles that come along with having a child with medical needs. Courtney will leave you feeling inspired and in utter awe of how she loves and supports her daughter.

[2:47] Courtney is informed she has high blood pressure and is admitted to Labor and Delivery

[4:24] Courtney is transported to a larger hospital that has a higher-level NICU

[6:35] Courtney asks tough questions about her condition and her daughter

[9:12] Courtney is informed she will need to have a c-section

[11:12] Courtney is informed she will need an emergency c-section as she has developed HELLP syndrome

[15:44] Courtney describes the overwhelming emotions she felt meeting her daughter for the first time in the NICU

[19:44] A primary nurse keeps Courtney accountable in the NICU about pumping. Courtney shares how important this was to her and her journey with McKenzie.

[21:24] Learning how to do McKenzie’s care in the NICU helped Courtney feel empowered

[22:45] Courtney describes the roller coaster ride she experienced while McKenzie was in the NICU

[24:20] She explains how she stayed in the hospital recovering from HELLP syndrome

[24:50] That punch in the gut feeling Courtney felt after learning the significance of a white flower posted outside of a neighboring NICU room

[26:50] Courtney shares how she advocated for McKenzie, even when others did not agree with her

[29:35] She shares about life after the NICU + rooming in with McKenzie

[33:15] Courtney shares about McKenzie’s feeding journey and oral aversion and the ups and downs with her feeding including developing, GERD and getting an NG tube

[36:41] She recalls how McKenzie’s nurse, now friend, came to the rescue to help drop McKenzie’s NG tube

[38:32] Courtney shares how she came to the decision to get McKenzie a g-tube and how it affected her as a mother

[40:15] She shares the love and hate relationship with the feeding tube and how she came to the understanding that even though it wasn’t preferable it helped her nutrition

[43:00] Changes she had to make in her life to support McKenzie including staying in during cold and flu season

[43:50] The beautiful gesture of friends supporting her during their NICU stay, bringing her to lunch each Sunday, and giving her weekly care packages.

[45:35] Courtney shares her struggle of finding quality childcare for McKenzie and how difficult it was to find someone whom she could trust

[48:12] Courtney relied on her faith and prayer to cope with what was going on in her life and with McKenzie

[50:18] Courtney’s friend Ebony, encourages her to get help and go to therapy after she describes some dreams and things during her day that remind her of being in the hospital

[54:00] She shares how difficult it was for other people to understand what she was going through

[55:09] Courtney describes how she puts her own needs aside to give McKenzie the selfless care and love she needs and deserves






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