Episode 147 | Expert: Child Life Specialists in Sweden

Podcast Show Notes

On today’s episode of the podcast we will hear from Kirsten Black, a Certified Child Life Specialist, who had the opportunity to visit children’s hospitals in Sweden. Kirsten shares her perspective on  the major differences in pediatric healthcare, what she learned along the way and how it has influenced her as a Child Life Specialist. She shares her unconventional yet beautiful journey to the field of Child Life.

[4:00] Introducing herself

[7:15] Pivoting after the economy crashed

[8:30] A seed was planted

[10:15] Utilizing her degree in education

[12:00] Using a brain map to help a patient with taking a medication

[14:00] Connecting with Pediatric Hospice in London

[15:15] Going to the Ronald McDonald House in Sweden

[18:33] Several connections lead to many different children’s hospitals in Sweden

[22:27] Legal rights for children in Swedish Hospitals

[23:35] The value of children and families in Sweden

[25:48] Child Life specialists have an education degree in Sweden

[28:41] Advocating for ourselves as Child Life Specialists

[29:21] Nurses are trained to think through a poke plan prior to an injection

[34:05] Low technology toys and activities

[35:00] Accessibility to different languages in books

[37:30] Anatomically correct dolls in Sweden

Connect with Kirsten:


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