Episode 151 – Gavin + Cindy’s Story – A son with Osteosarcoma

Podcast Show Notes

Cindy and Gavin share about their son Ryan and his battle with Osteosarcoma. Cindy shares about how she created a Case for Smiles to help her cope with Ryan’s diagnosis. Gavin brings the perspective of dad and professional and shares how he started a new position at the Hospital his son was being treated at the very same day as a diagnosis. They openly share the ups and downs of their journey and how Ryan’s legacy lives on today.

[3:16] Introducing their family

[5;34] A bike accident lead to the shocking diagnosis

[6:26] Going into remission

[7:00] Gavin begins a new job as a CFO the same day they got the Osteosarcoma diagnosis

[8:30] Diagnosis day

[9:30] Bedside Manner of Pediatrician

[10:26] Balance between hospital and home

[13:32] Being open with Ryan during his treatment

[15:38] Ryan learned how to golf during his treatment period

[18:03] Cindy shares about how she made a pillowcase for Ryan to make each stay more comfortable

[19:50] Finding out Ryan was terminal

[21:30] Case of Smiles being formed after a Martha Stewart Contest entry

[23:00] Coping with the new reality and loss

[25:20] Using Ryan’s experience to help cope with a cancer diagnosis

[28:40] Finding your advocate voice

[30:00] The joy in Ryan’s pranks

[32:32] Learning the ropes quickly

[33:05] Evolution of care

[35:15] Smiling and laugh through the hard times

[39:02] Just Sibs Program

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