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    Episode 157 | Crystal Polk – Social Worker + Caregiver Expert

    Podcast Show Notes

    On today’s episode of the podcast, Katie interviews Crystal Polk, a Social Worker and Licensed Therapist speaks about the dual role parents of medically complex children hold as caregiver and parent. Crystal specializes in working with families who have children with special or medical needs. She gives parents practical things they can do today to start on the path of healing.

    [3:03] Katie shares how she learned about Crystal through the ‘Unseen’ documentary

    [3:30] Crystal introduces herself

    [6:00] Identifying the differences between caregiving and parenting

    [8:30] Acknowledging the stages of grief

    [9:40] Grieving what you once imagined

    [10:12] Acceptance leads to better attachment

    [11:03] Delegation, being heard and frustration are common themes

    [12:20] Focusing on what we can control

    [14:08] Healing unprocessed trauma using EMDR

    [16:08] Leaning into mindfulness

    [16:55] Trial and error to find what works for you

    [17:53] Giving your self the the gift of consistency

    [21:13] Type of support families receive varies from state to state

    [22:14] Parents are demanding positive changes

    [25:04] Getting the word out about parent caregiver support

    Connect with Crystal



    Crystal recommends using Psychology Today to search for a qualified therapist. View Crystal and other therapists here.  

    Crystal is LEND Certified. Read more about the LEND program here.

    Unseen Caregiver Documentary

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