Episode 193 | Raising Awareness and Advocating for Child Life

Episode 193 | Raising Awareness and Advocating for Child Life

Podcast Show Notes

Advocating for child life is something that not many people may realize is a huge part of a child life specialist’s job.

I had the privilege of exhibiting at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference recently, and it was an incredible experience. One of the highlights for me was getting to meet and chat with a pediatrician who has worked closely with child life specialists throughout her career. She shared her perspective on the vital role that Child Life services play in healthcare settings, particularly in preparing children and families for medical procedures.

She emphasized the need for more access to child life specialists, not just in children’s hospitals, but in other healthcare settings as well. Provider’s insight and passion for the field of Child Life reaffirmed my belief in the importance of these services and the positive impact they have on patients and families. It was truly inspiring to see a pediatrician who recognizes and appreciates the value of Child Life On Call expertise.

Physicians and pediatricians miss having access to child life specialists like they had in their hospital during residency. – Katie Taylor, CCLS

Importance of Child Life Specialists

Child life specialists play a crucial role in the healthcare journey of children and their families. They provide invaluable support during medical experiences, and their expertise is often most appreciated outside the hospital environment. Physicians and pediatricians at the conference recognized and emphasized the positive impact of Child Life services on the successful outcomes for children.

Advocating for the Child Life Profession is Essential

It’s essential for child life to be represented on national and global stages like the American Academy of Pediatrics, and Child Life On Call was honored to do it.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Join the Child Life On Call community on the Circle app to connect with other Child Life On Call specialists, share resources, and receive two PDUs per month. Visit Child Life Circle to sign up. Explore the virtual clinical supervision offered by Child Life On Call for a boost in your career and support from experienced professionals.
  • Check out Smilemakers.com for fun and unique medical play supplies, including sensory toys, flavored tongue depressors, and novelty Band-Aids. Visit their website to browse their products.
  • Learn about Child Life On Call services and how they can support families outside of the hospital setting. Contact admin@childlifeoncall.com for more information and to discuss how their services can benefit your practice or institution.
  • Consider incorporating Child Life On Call specialists into your healthcare practice to help prepare children for essential procedures outside of the hospital, such as vaccinations, blood draws, and catheters. Reach out to Child Life On Call to discuss partnership opportunities.

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