Episode 58 | Shani’s Story – A child with a learning difference #ADHD #Anxiety #Dyslexia #Dysgraphia

Podcast Show Notes

Katie, Certified Child Life Specialist welcomes back Shani (a.k.a. Child Life Mommy) to the podcast. 

Shani is a Certified Child Life Specialist who has a private practice in Northern California  and you can learn more about her community-based program in a previous episode here. 

But, today Shani puts on her “mom hat” and talks about the journey of having a child with learning differences like #anxiety, #adhd, #dyslexia and #dysgraphia.

She describes how:

*She has had to learn to advocate to get her child the appropriate testing and IEP’s

*Community plays an important role of getting the answers and support they need

*The pandemic and virtual learning has been challenging for children with learning differences.

The books Shani recommends are: Overcoming Dyslexia, The Dyslexia Empowerment, 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD, Facebook groups, Understood.org, Barton reading programs, Wrights Law.

You can follow Shani on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

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