Episode 70 | Sara’s Story – Telling Your Child You Have Cancer

Episode 70 | Sara’s Story – Telling Your Child You Have Cancer

Podcast Show Notes

Katie, Certified Child Life Specialist talks with Sara Olsher, mom, cancer survivor and owner for Mighty and Bright.

Not only does Sara talk with us about getting diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34, she talks about how she went through it as a single mother navigating life with a six year old.

We talk about

+How she advocated for herself and encourages parents to ask the same things for themselves that they do for their children

+How asking for help was non-negotiable and she had to learn to get comfortable with it

+How she told her six-year-old that she had cancer and her daughter’s emotional response to having a mother go through chemo-therapy and painful surgeries.

Learn more about Sara’s calendar and book resources for families going through difficult experiences through Mighty and Bright.

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