January 22, 2024

6 Reasons Hospitals Say “No” to New Technologies

Explore '6 Reasons Hospitals Say No to New Technologies' and discover Child Life On Call's innovative solutions. Our blog post delves into how child life specialists can be aware of common objections, demonstrating how technology can enhance child life services and provide immense value to healthcare organizations and families.

6 Reasons Hospitals Say “No” to New Technologies

Knowing what you’re up against as a child life specialist can help you as you integrate new technologies into your hospital

Understanding Hospital Hesitations

Hospitals often face significant challenges when considering new technologies. From understanding the direct benefits to managing already busy IT teams, the hurdles can seem daunting. Recognizing these concerns is the first step in addressing them effectively and paving the way for innovation.

The Benefit Breakdown

Many hospitals don’t understand the potential benefits of new technologies. As a technology company, Child Life On Call addresses this by clearly demonstrating how our app not only enhances child life services but also improves overall patient satisfaction and outcomes, making it a valuable addition to any healthcare setting.

Inova CCLS team

IT Overload and Integration

With IT teams frequently stretched thin, adding another technology can seem overwhelming. For example, we’ve designed Child Life On Call to ensure it does not require ANY IT integration – making it the easiest meeting your IT won’t even have to attend. 

Workflow Wonders, Not Woes

Concerns about disrupting workflow are common, but Child Life On Call is created to complement and streamline existing processes. In fact, our platform was designed by child life specialists with over 50 years of combined experience, and it is intuitive and designed with the direct input of child life specialists and healthcare professionals to enhance the workflow, not hinder it.

Child Life On Call was designed to ensure that parents and families have access to the information they need to know how to be a confident advocate for their child during healthcare experiences. When parents are informed and know how to advocate, workflows are enhanced and patient adherence increases. 

[Child Life 101] Empowering Parents: How Child Life Specialists Teach Effective Advocacy

To learn more about how child life specialist teach effective advocacy, listen to this episode of our podcast.

Technology Saturation and Simplification

The market is saturated with technological solutions, and hospitals are wary of adding “another” technology. However, we’ve positioned Child Life On Call to stand out by being the only technology solution specifically tailored to child life services, offering a unique solution that addresses the real and pressing needs of patients and families.

Navigating the In-House Inventory

Hospitals often aren’t aware of the resources they already have. Child Life On Call offers CCLS an assessment in the guide “Making the Case to Hospital Leadership” to help identify gaps in your current services and show how our app can fill those needs effectively and efficiently.

Budgeting for Better Care

Budget constraints are a reality for many hospitals. We understand this and can demonstrate how investing in Child Life On Call is not just a purchase, but a long-term investment in patient care and satisfaction, leading to better outcomes and potentially reducing other costs.

Funding for projects like Child Life On Call can come from foundations, grants, and other benefactors looking to enhance the patient and family experience in healthcare – not just one, single IT budget.

Ready for a Revolution? Let’s Talk

Understanding these reasons is just the start. Child Life On Call is ready to show you how we can address each concern and bring your hospital into the future of child life services. Let’s arrange a demo and start a conversation about how we can support your team and the families you serve.

Episode 193 | Raising Awareness and Advocating for Child Life

Listen to this episode of the Child Life On Call podcast, “Raising Awareness and Advocating for Child Life”.

Beyond the Demo: Ongoing Support

Our relationship with hospitals goes beyond the initial demo. We provide ongoing support and updates, ensuring that Child Life On Call continues to meet your evolving needs and remains a valued asset in your child life services. 

Our customer success team exists to work alongside you from onboarding and beyond. We want CLOC to be as successful as you do!

Joining the Journey to Better Care

Adopting new technology is a journey, and Child Life On Call is here to guide you every step of the way. From initial inquiry to full integration and beyond, we’re dedicated to supporting your hospital’s mission to provide exceptional care.


Embracing new technology doesn’t have to be daunting. With Child Life On Call, you have a partner ready to address each concern and demonstrate the undeniable benefits of our specialized app. Let’s transform child life services together and make a lasting impact on the families you serve.

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